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PS-PERMAG 3.3 released, November 2022 !

Permanent Magnetism, Software, Consulting  

Our Mission

This website is dedicated to the subject of permanent magnetism. We introduce here the software PS-PERMAG for a fast, easy and cost-efficient calculation of permanent magnetic fields. In addition an introduction to the  theory permanent magnetism is provided. We list some useful links also, especially for those, who want to learn even more about the voluminous scope of magnets and related effects.


New Book: Modern Permanent Magnets

With a chapter about injection molded magnets from the author of PS-PERMAG. Date of release: January 27th, 2022

For more details click the picture or the button below to enter the publisher's website

PS-PERMAG - Software for Calculating Permanent Magnetic Fields

Software for a fast, easy and cost efficient field calculation. Can be learnt within 30 minutes, provides the solution of the majority of magnetic fields for magnetic sensors, electrical machines or other applications. Single user license 379€ (379US$)


  • Fast input of problems within a few seconds
  • Immediate calculation, direct output of results
  • To be handled without specific knowledge
  • For the design of sensor systems, machines, clamping devices etc.
  • With 18 different sorts of magnet configurations, up to 256 poles
  • Usable for sales, research and development
  • For Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Requests DirectX 10 or higher compatible graphics adapter
  • 100's of satisfied customers in Europe and overseas
Visit the following pages to to get more detailed information about our software:

Short Introduction to Permanent Magnetism

On our wesite we provide beside our software a short tutorial about permanent magnetism. Please follow the link below.


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