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Download Demo-Version :

The demo version of PS-PERMAG 3.3 is constricted in the following way:

For multipolar magnetized cylinders (M) with homogeneous magnetization within each single pole one can define, compute and save all sorts of problems, but with the demo version this is possible only on circular paths. Beside this, the user can apply all program features to these magnets.

For all other magnets there will be provided quite a large number of already solved problems by the setup routine. The respective files can be read by the software for viewing purposes. But a computation of new results would be denied by the software here.

After starting the demo for each sort of magnet two examples can be opened, which will be located in the program directory of PS-PERMAG at ...\PS-Permag 3.3-Demo\examples. 

Please adjust the size of the results output by use of the + and - button in the second row of symbols according to your preferences.

You will learn the main functionality of the software with the PS-Permag 3.3 demo version within around 30min by doing the tutorial 3.0, which can be found on this website. The enhanced features of version 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 are explained in the respective following tutorials