Tutorial 3.1



Input of an axially magnetized two pole sensormagnet with depressions and ledges

This tutorial shows the geometry input of the new sorts of two pole sensormagnets with depression and ledges, which have been added in PS-PERMAG version 3.1. The basic use of PS-PERMAG can be studied in Tutorial 3.0.

The following treats a two pole, axially magnetized sensormagnet. The geometry input of the other two new sorts of magnets, i.e. two pole diametrical and two pole axial-lateral, has to be done by the same way. First there has to be defined a basic cylinder. Depressions and ledges will be subtracted from this basic cylinder by up to four additional help volumes.


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A depression on the magnets top face can be defined by the input of radius and height of help volume V1, which will be subtracted from the basic cylinder, see next picture.


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If a ledge on the outside of the top face is needed, help volume V2 can be used. The radius r2 here stands for the radial depth of the ledge beginning at the outside of the basic cylinder, see the next  picture.


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If at the bottom face another circular depression is needed this can be modeled with the help of volume V3. See next picture.


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Finally another ledge can be built also at the bottom face, here with volume V4. The radius again stands for the radial length starting at the outer circumference of the basic cylinder.


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